Bake A Wish to a Soldier!

Since I am a military veteran I am always looking for ways to send nice gifts to military service members who are serving overseas or anywhere far away from family. When I was in the Navy I spent many birthdays out to sea. It was very hard to not have a birthday gift or birthday cards to arrive on time. I found this website today and think this is an amazing idea. Even if the person you know does not have a birthday, send them a cake to tell them you are thinking of them! Every day should be a celebration for the day they were born because they are serving our country and risking their lives every day!

Send a delicious, award-winning birthday cake delivery from Bake Me A Wish! – guaranteed to arrive on time. Each cake is adorned with a decorative chocolate HAPPY BIRTHDAY plaque imported from Belgium and includes a greeting card.

5% of your order will be contributed to Bake Me A Wish!’s Operation: Birthday Cake, which, with our partner Soldier’s Angels, donates birthday cakes each month to soldiers overseas.

Bake Me  A Wish

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