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I am doing pretty awesome myself! I woke up and did my workout today and am feeling energized. I am also feeling like doing a SALE! So here it is…
There is only 10 days left in this month!Can you believe it? it is almost May! That means bikini weather is upon us! And actually if you are from Chicago, then you noticed it was bikini weather yesterday! Well since its almost beach season…it is time to get that body ready NOW! Well there are 2 amazing programs on sale this month FOCUS T25 ($180 AND BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT ($160) and even though it is not on sale, I am loving the 21 Day Fix ($160) and have lost 6 pounds in only 13 days! So here is what I will give you…
if you commit to joining my CHALLENGE group that will be starting May 5th with one of these 3 amazing programs I will personally give you $20 cash back on your purchase! I can give it to you through chase quick pay, paypal, or mail you a check. All you have to do is buy one of these 3 amazing programs by April 27th before 12 midnight! Want to learn more about this program, just message me and I will answer all of your questions!

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I am a 29 year old married teacher and baechbody coach. I love trying to find ways to eat healthy most of the time and finding fun workouts where I don't feel like it is WORK.

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