SMART Goals!


Summer is around the corner, so if you have not set your SMART goal yet, then the time is



S-  When setting a summer goal you need to know exactly what you are trying achieve. It  will help you have laser-like focus. If your goal involves developing certain muscle groups, you can add targeted exercises to your fitness routine. If your goal is to work out every morning before your commute, then a clear plan of action would be to go to bed an hour earlier, and set your alarm an hour earlier. When it’s time to choose between success or hitting the snooze button, you’ll have focus on your side.

M-Deciding that you will lose 10 pounds is a more effective goal than just saying that you want to lose weight. As you work to attain it, you’ll have a clear measure of your achievements, and knowing exactly how much farther you have to go will keep you motivated. The best part about having a specific goal is there will be no question when you have achieved it.

A- Set your sights on something that can be achieved if you work hard, but not something that is going to cause you to need to starve yourself or workout till extreme exhaustion. Setting a goal for 1-3 pounds a week would be reasonable.

R- Your goals should be important to you. Don’t set a goal just because your friends, family members or exercise partners have set that goal. Your goals are your motivators to continue exercising, so make sure they are important to you. Know exactly why you are setting this goal and what it means to you.

T- Make sure each goal has a specific time frame for completion. This allows you to easily determine if it has been achieved. It also increases the likelihood that you will accomplish each goal since you know the clock is ticking. For example, the goal “I want to lose 15 pounds in 10 weeks” has a time frame.

But if you don’t attain the goal in the time you had hoped, don’t give up, just set a new time frame and repeat the “SMAR” goals again. Eventually you WILL meet your goal!

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