Don’t make an excuse for eating unhealthy, Just because you are on a road trip!

Check out some of my top ten favorite snacks!

1. Fruit

I love to have my bananas, strawberries, apples, oranges. Man I sure do love fruit! Maybe make a fruit salad with your favorite fruits! You can never go wrong with fruit!!

Calories per serving: 85–105

2.  A PB & J

Who Does Not Love a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich? Its every kids favorite lunch and doesn’t even need to be kept cool. Make it with whole-grain bread, an all-natural nut butter, and all-natural fruit spread like St. Dalfour® to up the health factor.

Calories per 1/2 sandwich: 150 (varies depending on ingredients)

3. Shakeology® Packets

Want to take your Shakeology on the road? Just mix a single-serving Shakeology packet (available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, Chocolate Vegan, and Tropical Strawberry) with water and shake! I always take my Shakeology cup, fill it with ice, and then later some of it has melted, then I just shake it up and enjoy my yummy shake!!
Calories per serving: 160–170

4. Eggs

You might find the idea of taking eggs with you on the road a little odd, but hard-boiled eggs are great for a quick power-up. Plus, they’re loaded with B vitamins, which may help keep tempers cool on long trips.
Calories per serving: 78

5. Homemade Energy Bars

The bulk of prepackaged bars sold at gas stations or convenience stores are loaded with sugar, preservatives, and empty calories. These homemade bars can be made in minutes and contain only good-for-you ingredients like fruit and nuts.
Calories per serving: 124

6. Nuts

Nuts are highly caloric, but they’re also high in healthy omega-3 fats and travel well. Choose raw, unsalted nuts like almonds or walnuts that don’t require you to dispose of a shell.
Calories per serving: 130–180

7. Spiced Nuts

Deepen the flavor of nuts by roasting them with spices.
Calories per serving: 120

8.  Baby Carrots

Maybe we’re weird, but we think baby carrots are fun to eat, and they don’t make a mess! They’re sweet on their own, or you can combine them with hummus for a yummy, crunchy treat.
Calories per serving: 30

9. Celery and Peanut Butter

This is one of my favorite snacks. I love it and can’t get enough of it. You can even buy little togo containers of peanut butter.

10. Fruit Snacks

I am crazy about fruit snacks. I always carry some in my purse and get so excited when I find huge boxes for sale at Aldi! it is not as healthy and nutritious, but it is tasty!

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