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I know I talk a lot of about fitness and coaching! It has become a major part of my life!! Working out is seriously my favorite part of my day! My life is CRAZY busy! I am a full time teacher and in grad school! I do not have many hours to fit in more, BUT I do! I treat my BUSINESS like a BUSINESS! I schedule at least 10 hours a week to work on mentoring coaches, finding at least 3 people to help, and making sure I am continuing to help my customers! It might seem like ALOT of work, but I LOVE it! It has changed my life! Many people don’t know this, but I used to be really depressed a few years ago. I would drink my problems away or just bottle them up inside. I felt I had no friends and was very unhappy with my marriage! THEN…
I found Beachbody! I joined just so that I could maybe lose some weight. Instead I got so much more…
1. I did lose 15 pounds
2. I am now the HAPPIEST I have been in years
3. I am happy in my marriage

4. I found a passion for teaching again
5. I have TONS of amazing inspirational friends who I know will be in my life FOREVER
6. I have paid off all my debt and am saving money
7. I am working towards my DREAMS every day!
this is only the beginning!! I know that this decision I made a few years ago is going to continue to change my LIFE!

I wish you would just take a few days and learn what this is all about! I love the team I am growing and I want you to join us!! We are Daring 2 Dream the Impossible! Stop thinking that you can’t find time to give this a shot, and just BELIEVE!! It’s not too late to join our Open House! Message me ASAP to add you NOW!

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I am a 29 year old married teacher and baechbody coach. I love trying to find ways to eat healthy most of the time and finding fun workouts where I don't feel like it is WORK.

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