Life is FULL of little Miracles

I have slacked on my professional development a bit lately. This is something I have a goal to work on every day. No matter who you are or what we go, we should always be working on improving ourselves. Well I am sure happy I got in my podcast today. Here is the message I would like to share to those of you who care:

E+ R= O          Events + Reaction= Outcome

Everyone has events in our lives that seem like tragedies. At the time we are often frustrated and want to react poorly. We typically express frustration, hate, and anger. Well if you chose to react this way, you are choosing your outcome. You are not going to improve your situation and things might get worse. But…
what if instead you thought that maybe this is a sign that your life needs to go a new direction. Maybe this is a mini miracle that is going to move your life into a new and better direction. As I think about this, I think that I have had TONS of miracles in my life.

   My Tragedies turned into Miracles
1. Lost my teaching job, now I have a job I love so much
2. was depressed about my life and health, found Beachbody coaching
3. Felt like I didn’t know where I was going in live in HS, joined the Navy, found my path and met my husband
4. Lost lots of old friends, found great new friends
AND So much more!
I am going to continue appreciating the obstacles that happen in my life, because I will never stop believing that I will overcome it and will again experience another miracle!

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I am a 29 year old married teacher and baechbody coach. I love trying to find ways to eat healthy most of the time and finding fun workouts where I don't feel like it is WORK.

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