Finishing 2016 Stronger than I started- 21 Day Fix Extreme- Day 1

Today is the beginning of another challenge!

Why do I continue to do these?

Because I want to live a long and healthy life!

Because I enjoy it!

Because it makes me happy!!

Today is day 1 of the December Fix challenge with 55,000 other people! Can you believe it! That many people who are COMMITTED to finish the year stronger than they started!! I am joining Carl Daikler and Autumn Calabrese in finishing 2016 STRONGER and HEALTHIER that we started. I know I may fail at times, but no matter what I will not give up!!

I have been a 21 day fixer since April of 2014. I did it for 21 days and LOST 9 pounds and 12 inches. My transformation was amazing! The most common excuse people make it that they don’t have time to meal prep or workout. Well, that is just crap! Sorry to be so blunt, but I am a full time teacher and in grad school full time and I still find TONS of time to workout, meal prep, and work on my business!  Where their is a will, there is a way! So today I am going to tell you

          10 ways that you can have success with ANY program!

1.Meal Plan-  I made a excel spreadsheet with meals for the first week, and now I just use it as a guide. I keep it on my fridge and just grab and go.
2. Prep your food one day a week- I meal prep pretty much EVERY Sunday. I bag up my veggies, make fruit salad, cook lots of chicken, fish, etc. I boil eggs, prep meals and freeze them to make crock pot meals, etc. I get ready to rock the week.
3. Have a quick meal replacement drink you can drink on the go- I drink my Shakeology for 1 meal a day. It gives me one less meal to prep, and it is my daily dose of dense nutrition that helps me survive my days.
4.  WORKOUT in the Morning- I TRY my best to workout in the morning. I am not always successful, but it really helps ensure I get my workout in. But if not, I come home from work and to it RIGHT away! Or if I have grad school, I put on my workout clothes after work, go to school, then come home and work out RIGHT away. I schedule it, and will not let ANYTHING stand in the way.
5. Have SNACKS with you at all times- I always keep healthy snacks in my desk, backpack, purse such as cliff bars, nuts, carrots, a protein shake, an apple, whatever. I REFUSE to eat crap from a drive through!!
6. Use a meal planning app on your phone- I use the 21 day fix tracker to track my proteins, veggies, fruits, carbs, etc. I also have used my fitness pal when I used to count calories.
7. Buy some time of step tracker or fitness tracker- I LOVE my Fitbit HR. It motivates me to get extra activity in my day. I love doing competitions with co-workers to out step them. It also is great to see my weekly progress.
8.   Find a workout community that will help you stay accountable- I run monthly challenge groups that help motivate me to stay on track. We post healthy tips, quotes to motivate us, make it fun with sweaty pics, and even run contests where someone wins every 30 days! I owe challenge groups to my success!
9. A Setback, is NOT an excuse to give up- Trust me, I cheat sometimes. I LOVE chocolate. It is seriously my weakness. I also LOVE my cocktails. My first time doing the 21 day fix, I spent a whole day entertaining, eating out, and drinking, and I STILL lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks. No matter what happens in one day or a weekend, just start fresh the next day and keep working towards your goal
10. THROW AWAY THE SCALE- So many people get so frustrated at the beginning of any program when they don’t see results immediately.  It is very common for our body to react to a new workout program, which causes weight gain at first. This is temporary. If you are eating healthy and working out, you will see results in a few weeks. Also the scale is not the best form of measurement. Use a tape measure, and focus on the inches loss and also focus on how you FEEL.
                            Well I hope you enjoyed my tips. In the next 21 days, my goal is to share my successes and failures in this journey. I know it will not be easy, but I am ready to complete this challenge. Now if you have any desire to join me, PLEASE do, click here to learn more!! 
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