Day 3- Morning Success then FOOD failure- OH WELL!! Tomorrow is a New Day!

So my day started out GREAT. I woke up at 6 AM….. did my workout! Finally! Took me all week to finally get my butt out of bed. Then I felt super engergized. Oh yeah… I also took my Energize pre- workout drink. It seriously kept me feeling energized all day. I had a great day of work with my students.


I came home and had a great dinner. OMG.. love me some left overs. Today I had some brocolli, cauliflower, and pollo asada chicken. I felt great for eating pretty healthy. Then… I was a bad girl. I ate some kettle chips, oreos, and had a glass of wine. I now feel like crap. I wish I did not eat any of it. I feel bloated and tired.

Oh well… tomorrow is a new day. I will do better. Right?? That is how I need to think! Just get back on track! Don’t let a slip of allow me to fail!

Hope you had a great day! If not… oh well…. tomorrow is a NEW day. Do better tomorrow!

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I am a 29 year old married teacher and baechbody coach. I love trying to find ways to eat healthy most of the time and finding fun workouts where I don't feel like it is WORK.

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