Back on Track AGAIN

So……… I kinda failed last week. I planned on trying my best to eat healthy, but it was also my last week of Spring Break. I worked out every day, because that it like eating and breathing for me. I pretty much don’t enjoy taking one day off from working out. Even on my days off, I do some yoga or dancing. Although my issue is my love of food and enjoying life. I ended up enjoying a good dinner and wine with my mom on day, lunch with a friend, and decided to enjoy a few drinks with a friend on Friday. That led to BAD choices the rest of the day. Then on Saturday, I went to dinner with my family at a Colombian Restaurant! Yeah… I love my steak, empanadas, and arepas.







I also FELT like crap on Saturday morning. I did NOT want to work out at ALL. IMG_20160409_182238

But I did it anyway. I forced myself to get it done and felt so much better.

I took it easy on Sunday. Woke up and enjoyed my AMAZING Shakeology. I actually kinda had a stomach ache when I awoke on Sunday. The shake made me feel so much better.


I was kinda lazy all day. I did not want to do ANYTHING yesterday. But slowly I found the energy to prep my meals and make some healthy choices for lunch and dinner.












I made some stir fry and my classic chicken/fish and veggies for lunches.

Well by 9 PM, I had sat on the couch long enough. I needed to move. I decided to do some yoga. But well… I logged on to Beachbody On Demand and saw 21 Day Fix Flat Abs. I kinda had to do it. Then I did some yoga booty ballet. The workout was called bedtime yoga. Felt pretty amazing.

Well today, I woke up excited and ready to seize the day. Did my workout around 6:30 AM. Today was resistance 2. Then I was a good girl and enjoyed my shake and a healthy breakfast.

Feels amazing to be back on track and feeling energized again. This week I will do better.

I guess the end of this rants lesson is…..we ALL fall of track sometimes. But every Monday is a chance to start over again. Each day actually is a chance to do better. IT is about balance as well. Sometimes we need to not focus on our diet, and just enjoy a meal or drinks with friends. Well… if you actually read this post, THANKS! Maybe you got a laugh out of reading my rant, or maybe it helped. Either way…. comment below. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks


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