21 Day Fix Meal Prep- Time to get back on track!!

Ever since I did the 21 day fix in April of 2013 and lost 9 pounds, I have been a 21 day fixer. Years later and I am still around my target weight and I know how to eat so much healthier. But to tell you the truth, I often have no plan for what I meal prep most of the time. I have made excel spreadsheets in the past, reviewed many sample meal plans on the beachbody blog (become a free customer for so many amazing resources), but I usually just kinda wing it. I spend my Sundays making a bunch of protein choices such as grilling tilapia, cod, and chicken breasts. Then I steam about 2-3 bags of veggies. I also boil a bunch of eggs and bag some celery and baby carrots. I do my complete meal prep in maybe an hour tops. It works for me most of the time for my breakfast and lunch choices, but I often have no clue what to make for dinner. Well not that I am about to meal prep for a family of 4 for the next few weeks, I have decided to get a little more organized with my meal prep. I still don’t like to have an exact plan for each meal because I like to wake up and decide what I prefer to eat that day, but at least this way I can have lots of choices to choose from that are mostly ready to go or able to make in under 15 minutes. So I am about to give you my plan and my thinking……

 Step 1

First I reviewed my 21 day extreme meal plan guide for some great recipes that I have enjoyed in the past such as the chicken fajita, turkey lettuce wraps, veggie cups, etc.  I also researched recipes in the Fixate cookbook and all over Pinterest. I started writing down a list of items I could make for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and items I could eat for a snack.

Step 2

Once I had a pretty comprehensive list of choices, I started to make my shopping list. I just wrote down items randomly on a sheet of paper, then I eventually typed up an organized list by category to help make my grocery shopping easier.

Step 3

Then I organized my list of meal choices and typed it up on in a word document

Final Steps

Now that the hard part is over, my plan is to go to first check my kitchen for which ingredients I already have. Then I plan on highlighting the items that I already have at home. Then I will either transfer the list of items I still need to a shopping list on my phone or print and take the list to my grocery store. I plan on getting pretty much all my ingredients from Aldi (best store ever). But I may go to Jewel for a few items if needed. I love the bag of buffalo cauliflower from Jewel, so I will probably get that there.

Then when I come home…..it will be meal prep time….

 Meal Prep Guidelines

Step 1              My plan to get my breakfast choices ready

1.Boil a dozen eggs

2. Make the veggie egg cups

I don’t prep the ingredients for the yogurt parfait until I make them or the oatmeal since these take only minutes to put together. I also make my protein or Shakeolgy shakes in the morning


Step 2              Prep protein, veggie, and grain choices for lunches or dinners

1. grill 4 grilled chicken breasts

2. broil or grill 4 salmon filet

3. broil or grill 4 tilapia filets

4. steam 2 cups brown rice or quinoa
5.  steam asparagus, brocolli, and califlower

Step 3

1. bag 6-8 pags of 10 baby carrots

2. bag 6-8  bags of nuts (pistaccios, cashews, sunflower seeds)

3.  bag 6-8 bags of cut celery

My plan on foods to prep to take for lunch

1. tilapia with califlower and brown rice

2. salad with chicken or fish choices

3. turkey chili ( will make for dinner one day and take for leftovers for lunch)

My plan on foods to prep during the week for dinner

1. Southwestern Chicken 

2. Chicken Fajitas 

3. Beef and Butternut Squash Stew

4. Slow Cooker pulled pork BBQ

5. Turkey Meatballs with sweet potato and brocolli

6. Balsamic Steak Salad

7. Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Most of my recipes I found in my 21 day extreme plan, but I also found some on pinterest and on the beachbody blog. There are probably over 1,000 amazing recipes that are 21 day fix or 21 day fix extreme approved. So if you don’t care for the items I picked, find some you will love.

Well….. it is time for me to go check out what I need to actually buy and then it will be meal prep time later tonight! Have a great Sunday everyone! Any questions or concerns…. please comment below! Also if you would like to join my next 21 day fix challenge, it starts August 1st! Check out my event for more info!

Here are my resources for the shopping list, weekly menu, 21 day fix approved shopping list, and my weekly meal plans I have used!   Also here is a list of recipes I have been adding myself also..

21 day shopping list







21 Day Fix Approved Meals  – my list of meals for the week

21 Day Fix Shopping List

21-day-fix-sample-diet-blank-template – sample temple to make your own list

fix  – sample weekly meal plan

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