Wait—-MAYBE I am a morning person?? Is this possible??

I started my week with trying to wake up at 6AM, and somehow each day I found the motivation to wake up a little earlier each day. Today, my body naturally woke up at around 5AM and I was pretty much wide awake. Now let me add…. that I have told myself and others that I am not a morning person for pretty much my WHOLE life. But just listening to the Miracle Morning for a week and telling myself each day that I can wake up early. I have said positive affirmations like ” You will not be tired tomorrow. ” “You are going to feel great when you wake up and workout tomorrow morning.” And guess what????? I did it… I got out of bed and realized that the morning is really the best time to get my workout in and really sets my mood and energy level for each day.

So here are some fun pics of my 6 AM workout…



img_20161026_064517 img_20161027_064752 img_20161027_064801








Yup… at 6AM I was doing some PiYo and Body Beast… my TWO favorite workout programs lately.

This morning, I FINALLY worked on my Life Goals journal again. I added some victories and things I am grateful for. I also finished another PD book The 10X Rule… another amazing book.

20161027_055950 20161027_055902 20161027_055625






So I can say… its been a pretty great week. Alright… time to get back to work…. working on changing the world..one person at a time!


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