One week down….. ELEVEN More to go!

I have survived my first week of Body Beast!! Let me tell you…. I am feeling sore, but I feel amazing!! Here is my week 1 review…..

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  1. I love weight lifting… but it hasn’t been easy! I have been SUPER sore. Like everywhere.  My shoulders feel like someone punched me, my triceps are on fire. It is a struggled to cook, write on the board, walk up the stairs, yup… pretty much do everything. The crazy thing is, I love it. I love being sore. Because it tell me that I am working hard! That I will see amazing results with this program as long as I push though. The pain is worth the pleasure!









2. I love that I get to eat so much more carbs, but man is it hard. I am in the 2200-2199 bracket.  Its easy to eat crap,but it is hard to eat 9 good carbs in a day. I have figured out a few easy ways to get them in. I put 2 cups of almond milk in my shakes, make a double oatmeal dish or put 2 cups of granola in my carrots. I also found healthy sandwiches, whole wheat muffins and toast. It has gotten easier and easier each day.

That is pretty much it for now… I am loving it and cannot wait to see my results in 90 days! I think it is gonna be amazing. You should seriously join me. Lets get buff together this winter. You know you are gonna love it! Seriously… you can join me for like $9!!! What do you have to loose? Well… not much… and so much to gain!!



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