Today’s Message- Be Radically Generous


Today’s blog post is not about Fitness…. today I feel compelled to spread the message that I heard in church today. But first, I would like you to know a little about me and where my thoughts come from.

I am a Bilingual 3rd grade teacher who teaches mostly children of Mexican decent. I am Colombian. My parents are immigrants from Bogotá, Colombia. I was raised Catholic. For 8 years of my life, I attended a Catholic school and learned the teachings of God. But to be completely honest with you… I don’t think I ever truly embraced the religion. I sat in Church for many Sundays… but I just never let the Holy Spirit enter into my heart. I am not sure why… but I just didn’t.

Well… for many years I looked for churches and attempted to find a church that would help me to be a better catholic or Christian. Regardless of my lack of attending church for the past many years of so, I have always prayed. I saw my evening prayers “Our Father” 3 “Hail Mary’s” and always my own prayer to God to pray for those in need or to be thankful for things I have in my life.  So even though I have not been worshipping in the House of God, I have always had faith and kept him in my heart.

This past week, with all the fear and hate going on in our world, I have been hearing many people talk about God’s word and how we just need to have faith. We need to have hope!

Last night, my sister asked me if I wanted to go to church with her… and immediately I said YES. I attended a Christian church in the neighborhood. Today’s message was exactly what I wanted to hear. Actually it is something ALL of us need to hear.

Here are some key points that I think we all need to listen to:

  1. God is Love– we all need to just stop with all the hate and realize that God loves every one of us. We are all children of God and we need to learn how to all just accept and love one another.
  2. Let people mourn There is so much fear right now for so many people.. The fear is real for children, minorities, and many communities all over the US. We cannot just dismiss their fear. Let’s give everyone a week to mourn what is going on in our country. Let’s listen to their fears.
  3. Take action, get involved!- After the mourning, lets all get together and work together to help those in need, to make a difference in our communities. Instead of rioting, fighting with our neighbor, lets figure out a way that we can help thy neighbor.
  4.  Lastly…. be Radically Generous– this was the main objective of the sermon today. It was about the importance of this. what does this mean?? Well its to give all that we can to help others in need. Even if it is just being kind to a homeless person, giving spare change to anyone in need, volunteering at a church or community center.  I actually found this great article that I would like to share. Give some great ways we can all be radically generous.

So.. to wrap things up.. today I have decided I am going to work harder to embrace God and spread his word. I think it is time for myself to give back to the community. This actually comes at such a great time. I have been thinking for a while how I want to get to know my new community where I will soon be living. I was also recently asked to join the VFW in South Holland, IL. I think I also want to find a church near my home and start getting involved with the church. I want to be a better role model for my students, my future children, and today’s youth. They need it!

Well if you actually read today’s post, thanks! I hope you enjoyed today’s message.


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