Workout…. Drink a shake…. and WIN $$$– Its really that simple!







Who is READY to reach your health and fitness goals and finally make your New Year’s resolutions a reality? Did you set a goal to get healthier or lose weight in 2016… and well fail??  Yup… unfortunately this is pretty common. Many people fail, for one reason….. ACCOUNTABILITY!! Seriously….. if you have no one to keep you accountable, then  you fall of track, no one cares, and well you give up. Well… if you are ready to finally FULLY COMMIT, then I am here to help you stay on track!

Well…. step one is to join the next Beachbody Health Bet…. where by just working out, drinking a shake, and checking in to the Beachbody App…. you are GUARANTEED to win $$. Now it might not be hundreds of dollars, but regardless you can win money and well you will also LOSE weight. So what do you have to lose??

Three out of four participants reported they met their health and fitness goals in the Beachbody Health Bet in September.

I won about $16 and lost 5 pounds doing the health bet, and here I am months later still on track. I myself have been consistently working out for over 4 years. I fall of track sometimes, but I always get right back on track. I have learned how to stay consistent and I have SOO many tools to help you also have success. Join me and I will provide you with meal plan guides, shopping lists, I will check in with you a few times a week, you could win prizes, you will be part of a community of many others just like you, and we will ALL work together to keep ourselves accountable!


Beachbody is betting $2 million dollars that you’ll fall in love with getting healthy! All you have to do is participate in a Challenge Group on the My Challenge Tracker App, and meet the in-app weekly tracking requirements each week during the Beachbody Health Bet Contest from January 9—February 5, 2017 and you will win an equal share of the guaranteed prize pool of $2 million!

Here’s exactly what you need to do to qualify:

1. JOIN: Talk to me to get an invitation to join my Challenge Group. You must be an active participant in a Challenge Group on the My Challenge Tracker app by the week 1 deadline of January 15th at 11:59 p.m. PT. You can download the My Challenge Tracker App here.

2. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Use the app to log at least five Shakeology drinks with photos and three workouts during all four qualification weeks.

3. QUALIFY: Log your Shakeology drinks and workouts by 11:59 p.m. PT on the last day of each contest week:

4. CASH IN: Meet all the requirements and you’ll automatically win an equal share of the prize pool!

Click here to view details and official contest rules. There’s never been a better time to get healthy and fit!

I REALLY hope you will join us!

Your Coach,

Monica Brown

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I am a 29 year old married teacher and baechbody coach. I love trying to find ways to eat healthy most of the time and finding fun workouts where I don't feel like it is WORK.

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