Week 1 of Shift Shop Review

I have survived my first week of Shift Shop!! First though… BEST program I have done in a while!

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I spent about 3 hours last Sunday prepping for the week. It kinda sucked. I was exhausted afterwards. Then I realized how amazing it was because I did not have to cook all week. I was able to come home from work and just microwave my dinner. I know some people don’t like microwaving food, but I think it all tasted pretty good.


My workouts went really well. I woke up every day in the morning and completed my work outs.I did NOT want to get out of bed most days. I sometimes did not press play until 6:45 AM. I had to drink some coffee to get myself motivated. Even though, to be perfectly honest…. coffee does not wake me up. I could drink a whole pot of coffee and go back to bed…. well if I did not have to go pee for the next hour or get an upset stomach. But it did help me to wake up my mind and change my mindset. I read a little of my bible or personal development book, and usually pressed play 30 minutes after my alarm went off at 5:45 AM.






I did really well with the meal plan Monday-Wednesday. I was super proud of myself.Then on Thursday I gave in to a bag of popcorn. Friday I cheated with some chocolate covered almonds. Then Saturday I enjoyed some cookies at my nieces party and a few potato chips. So yeah..not super proud of myself. I could have just gave up and told myself I would not get the results I desire from this program. I have been dealing with some personal anxiety and I let it consume my mind. ┬áBut I do also have something awesome to share… I lost 3.5 pounds in one week! I am pretty happy about that! So I spent about 1 hour meal prepping again today. I got my bad eating choices out of the way, and I am ready to rock the next 2 weeks. Can I guarantee I will eat perfectly!? Nope! I will prob mess up, but I am ok with that. I am changing my life forever, not just for the next 2 weeks!

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