Looking for family fun? It’s time for Double Time!

Double Time is Oficially here! Available for Purchase TODAY!

What is Double Time all about?

If you have ever done a program with Tony Horton you should that he likes to have fun. With a background in comedy as well as fitness Tony loves telling jokes and keeping the mood light but the workouts challenging. The foundation of Double Time is Fun with a workout partner. That is right, you will be doing every move in every workout with a workout partner. It makes getting in shape feel more like play and less like a grind. your partner could be your spouse, your child, or a friend.

Every move takes two people and teamwork—that means that you will be getting results, having fun, and being accountable with someone close to you over the entire 30 days of the program.

The goal of Double Time is that you will have so much fun working out with your partner that you will keep the healthy habits rolling forward long after you push play on your last Double Time workout.

It is Fun for the Whole Family

When Tony Horton created Double Time he had families in mind. When we saw him do a Q&A at Summit he said that he really wanted to make a program that forced families to look up from their screens and engage with each other. We are always so digitally connected in this day and age that we all could use a time where we connect with those close to us while developing healthy habits. Double Time is less watching the screen and more doing.

Tony says,”It’s something that your entire family can take on…a program that includes daily exercise, learning about a balanced diet, and sharing a healthier lifestyle because home is where the health is.”

When can you start Double time?

Double time launches at the perfect time: TODAY when the holiday’s are kicking in and you need something fun to connect your family and keep the holiday weight away.

I am looking for some families or couples to join my next challenge group! Starting November 13th! Deadline to join is November 8th! Contact me if you want to be considered at fitnessbanana730@gmail.com, 309-825-2032 or comment below!

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