80 Day Obsession- My 23 Day Update

I am 32 weeks pregnant and still ROCKING this program! I am in Autumn’s Exclusive Coach test group with about 35,000 other coaches. Each day she posts a video to help motivate us, check in, and go over any issues or questions we may have. The engagement in the group is amazing!

Things I love about the program so far:

  1. Love the variety of workouts, and how each day the workout is brand new. It may be similar moves, but it increases in intensity. For example, if we did 2 rounds of all the moves, the next week we do 3 rounds.
  2.  Timed Nutrition- love having explicit details on what containers I should eat and when. It was a little hard at first, but now 3 weeks in it has gotten much easier! Also being part of this LARGE group, there are TONS of resources fellow challengers have shared such as their meal plans, recipes, snacks, and more!
  3.  GROWING THAT BUTT! I may not be able to define my abs while making this baby, but I have already seen my butt getting lifted and sculpted.

Things that are a struggle for me:

  1. I have decided to NOT do the Cardio Flow and Cardio days in the program. They are a little too hard for me with my growing belly and shortness of breathe. I have been subbing in Brazilian Butt Lift, Country Heat, and other fun dancing programs to still burn some calories.
  2.  Diet- even though I love timed nutrition, I am pregnant and well…. I am kinda taking advantage of it by enjoying some cheat meals more than I should. I get cravings for ice cream, cookies, cake, etc… and well i have given in often! (gotta be real)
  3.  Judgement- I have some great support from most of my team of coaches, but I have also gotten some haters in my group who are against me doing this program while pregnant. Before starting the program, Autumn Calabrese stated that this program was not recommended for pregnant moms. I have been doing Beachbody programs for about 6 years. Right before getting pregnant, I had completed 2 rounds of Body Beast. I could not imagine doing a boring program for the next 3 months of pregnancy. Originally I intended to only try the first week, but here I am in week 4 and still feeling strong and able. I know my own body and have made modifications as needed.

I am AMAZED with the amazing transformations everyone has had so far! Even my own!

Shakeology (added spinach and 1/2 banana), whole grain waffle, and peanut butter
6 AM workout… did not want to do it… but I did it anyways!
Enjoying my preworkout meal and coffee! Another rough morning getting up!
Morning workout working those legs!
Week 4- I doubled up on my bands on MOST workouts!
Love how working those legs also works those arms! Feeling strong in this pic!




































Amazing transformations from our Coach Test Group- only 2 weeks in!

Day 22- My booty gains!

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I am a 29 year old married teacher and baechbody coach. I love trying to find ways to eat healthy most of the time and finding fun workouts where I don't feel like it is WORK.

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