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Beachbody On Demand is AMAZING!





Why is this so amazing??

Because you FINALLY have instant access to P90X, Turbofire, Chalene Extreme, Insanity, and several other workouts!!  You no longer need to lug your DVD’s with you when you are traveling. You can INSANTLY stream on your phone, laptop, or tablet!

I’m so excited about this because I would get so mad when I would scratch a DVD or was traveling and forgot my DVD’s. Sometimes my laptop hated me and refused to play a perfectly good DVD! Well no more FRUSTRATION!!

I have FINALLY been able to try TONS of amazing progams that I have wanted to try for years such as Chalene Extreme, Brazilian Butt lift, and 10 minute trainer! WELL… I love all of them!

How does Beachbody On Demand work? 

Anybody that purchases a Team Beachbody CLUB MEMBERSHIP will have full access to the entire Beachbody digital catalog. Instant streaming Beachbody!

That means that Beachbody Club Beachbody instant streamingmembers now get EVERYTHING they need for radical success with their fitness transformation- Beachbody Fitness workout programs streaming on their devices, nutrition information and guidance, tracking systems, personal coaching and support directly from REAL celebrity trainers and REAL people, and rewards from the Team Beachbody Challenge!


Click this link to sign up for Beachbody On Demand!!

​We recommend Shakeology with any of the workouts which is included in the challenge packs.

If you’d prefer no Shakeology, you can get the Streaming only for $38.87 for 3 months of UNLIMITED access!


Check out these Important FACTS!

What is Beachbody On Demand?

It’s a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Go. It’ll work with compatible technology to let you workout anywhere! You’ll have unlimited streaming of several of Beachbody’s workout.

Which Beachbody Workouts will be on Beachbody On Demand?

Right now the list is the workouts below.

  •  P90X
  • P90X2
  • P90X3
  • Insanity
  • Les Mills Pump
  • Les Mills Combat
  • Ten Minute Trainer
  • ChaLEAN Extreme
  • Asylum Vol 1 and 6
  • Tony One-on-One (vol 1)
  • Hip Hop Abs
  • Tai Chang
  • Slim in 6
  • Rockin Body
  • Rev Abs
  • Great Body
  • Turbo Jam
  • Yoga Booty Ballet
  • Total Body Solution
  • Power Half Hour
  • Power 90
  • Ho” Ala Ke Kino
  • and it keeps growing

ALSO Preview these NEW amazing programs!! 

  •  Cize
  • 21Day Fix
  • 21Day Extreme
  • PiYo
  • P90
  • T 25
  • Body Beast
  • Insanity Max 30
  • Hammer and Chisel
  • 22 Minute Hard Corps


Has digital steaming on demand been done before?

Beachbody On Demand NO. Other companies have used instant streaming fitness resources before, but Team Beachbody is the FIRST health and wellness company to take a streaming, on demand digital initiative and PAIR it with ALL the other resources necessary for TRUE, LASTING health and fitness success. For that reason, the Beachbody On Demand digital initiative will be a gradual rollout. Fitness programs will gradually be uploaded to the digital catalog so coaches and customers can access them. 

Do I have to own a program to stream it?

No – Beachbody On Demand will include those programs above, and you do not have to own any of them to have unlimited access. You’ll also be able to stream internationally as well.

Does it include any other goodies?

Well of course! You get access to sample workouts from some of the top workout programs including: 21 Day Fix: Total Body Cardio, 21 Day Fix Extreme: Plyo, Body Beast: Chest/Tri, PiYo: Sweat, Insanity Max:30: Sweat Int., P90: Sculpt A, Slim in 6: Start it Up, Focus T25: Alpha Cardio.

What else in included?

Everything!!! The nutrition guides. The recipe books. The fitness programs. The complete workouts. The workout calendars. The schedules. The get started right guides. The support. The coaching. The celebrity trainers. You get it ALL. Yes, it’s a MASSIVE value!

Will I be able to download the workout?

No, you will need to have access to the Internet because a download option will not be available. All of the workouts listed above will ONLY be able to be streamed.

Will there be an app?

No, not at this time. You will be able to access the streaming feature across your laptop, smartphones, and TV though!

Can multiple devices stream from the same On Demand account at the same time?

Yes, but Beachbody reserves the right to restrict account access if this is being abused. We’d recommend only using it on your devices.

Will additional workouts be added to Beachbody On Demand?

Yes!! Just like Netflix, they will be adding things, and they will appear in your membership dashboard.

Will Beachbody stop making workout DVDs?

No way! DVDs are something you can keep forever, and a lot of people prefer them. Beachbody will continue to sell them, but now you can also buy a membership to try out new workouts and add variety to your schedule even while traveling.

How valuable is this program? 

This is literally worth hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars! The Beachbody On Demand digital program gives you access to programs that would collectively cost you an ARM and a LEG, all for the MUCH lower cost of a Beachbody Club Membership!

Are you excited about Beachbody On Demand? Which workout will you try first?Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.55.17 PM


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