My Fitness Journey


I have always been an active person. I enjoyed playing volleyball, gymnastics, dancing, swimming, and anything that basically involved physical activity. While I was in the military, I had a gym on the ship or base that I could work out at every day at any time. I was always in shape. Then while attending college, I had to pay for a gym membership at a local gym. I tried to go to the gym and tried to eat healthy, but I just could not keep the weight off anymore. At almost 150 pounds, I decided I needed a change. That is when my husband found P90x on an infomercial. He also had struggled with weight gain and we wanted something we could do together. That January of 2010 we decided to make the commitment to change and we began our fitness journey. We did Tony Horton’s workouts every day for 90 days and ate all the meals provided in the meal plan. In 90 days, I went from almost wearing a size 10 to a size 5!! I was down to 127 pounds. The lowest since I was 18. My husband also lost 33 pounds, went from 213 pounds to 180! I never felt better in my life.

I do not go to gyms anymore and can’t even imagine it. I never really knew what machines to do and did not want to pay hundreds of dollars to get a personal trainer. My person trainers now coming to my living room via my dvd player an I have gotten to enjoy Chalene’s Johnson’s Turbofire, Shaun T’s Insanity, T25, and Hip Hop Abs!

In October of 2012 I decided that I wanted to start eating healthier an easier way,so I started drinking Shakelogy, and fell in love. I can’t imagine not drinking it.

I also decided to become a Beachbody coach so I could help others to finally find their sole mate workout program and to get on a path to healthy eating. I have met so many amazing people and seen inspiring results from people I know personally.

Also since I am a coach, I get a discount on all products, so I try anything new that is exciting.  One day I was frustrated that I could not get under 137lbs. I thought maybe it would never happen. Then I found the 21 day fix. It changed my life!

Now here I am and I made through a few rounds of the 21 day fix with Autumn Calabrese and even tried the 21 day extreme!  ! I can’t believe all it took was learning how to eat the correct portions. The workouts were also amazing. It took a few rounds to reach my goals, but I FINALLY am at my goal weight of 125 and feel the best in my life! Oh and at 31, I am about to finally have a six pack! Closest I have been in my life!

Working out is a journey, not a destination!
Are you ready to make the Commitment to Change?


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