My 21 Day Fix Transformation

On April 7th, 2014, I decided it was time for a change. I needed to learn how to eat healthy and finally get lower than 137lbs. I started my challenge group, and cleared out the junk food, and started prepping my meals!

21 day fix transformation

Now here I am and I made through 21 days of the 21 day fix with Autumn Calabrese! I can’t believe all it took was learning how to eat the correct portions. The workouts were also amazing. I had a goal of getting to 130, but I cannot complain about losing 8 pounds in only 3 weeks! I have been trying to lose 7 pounds for MONTHS! I kept working out and claiming that I was eating healthy, but I learned that what I thought was healthy was far from the truth. My challengers also saw some pretty great results. We all saw some change on the scale, but the most important lesson was that we learned how to eat healthy!

Here is a sample of my weekly diet fix

ForĀ  more information on the 21 day fix click here

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