Coach Overview


How Much Does it Cost to

 Become a Beachbody Coach.

             Sign up Fee (3 Options)

  • If you buy a Beachbody Challenge Pack (it comes with a fitness program, Shakeology, and a month membership to TeamBeachBody), your sign up fee to coach is waived!
  • If you are actively in the military, it’s free to sign up! You sign up just like normal, and then Beachbody will issue you a refund.
  • If neither matches your circumstances, it is $39.95 to start coaching. This fee covers your online office with lots of web tools and training and 3 websites
  • Monthly Fee: $15.95 to maintain your office and website   ( free for veterans)
  • Once you go Emerald: $39.95 per quarter for a premium membership with meal plans and celebrity chats.

If You Are Already Drinking Shakeology…

  • You are spending approximately $140  a month for it. By becoming a coach, you will save $40 a month on it.
  • So if you became a coach and did NOTHING to work your business, you would pay $219.39 for becoming a coach for a year. Based on your Shakeology savings of $300, you still would save about $80!

Basics About Making an Income as a Beachbody Coach

  • You make 25% commissions on any sales from your site whether you’ve ever bought or sold anything or not.
  • Your receive a 25% discounts on all products and programs.
  • You can earn a Team Cycle Bonus, paid weekly, if you decide to build a team.
  • If you do build your team with 2 or more coaches, you qualify for customer leads. These are the people that buy a program off television and do not have coach; Beachbody randomly assigns them to you. You then can make a 25% commission off of their future purchases.
  • You get first access to all new products and programs.
  • Start up is just $39.95 and then you pay $14.95/month as a website fee (you get 3 websites for that)
  • You can cancel at any time. There is no obligation or penalty fees (or anything like that).

Average Salaries of Beachbody Coaches (From Beachbody 2009-10)

Rank Average High
Coach $598 $138,392
Emerald (2 Coaches) $2,588 $52,758
Ruby (2 Coaches Under You are Emerald) $9,924 $80,508
Diamond (Ruby + 4 of Your Coaches) $13,968 $107,915
Star Diamond (You hit Diamond level twice…You can be 25 Star Diamond Even!) $94,122 $1,052,383

Why Should You  Chose Beachbody

  • Beachbody is a highly reputable company with products featured on news media, in magazines, on talk shows, used by celeb’s, etc.
  • Unlike many other products, Beachbody’s programs are always in demand. People are always going to want to lose weight and get healthy, and Beachbody is continually updating their product line.
  • No pressure to make sales or pressure to increase to a rank. If you want to work it great, if not or not right now, that’s cool too–Enjoy the discounts!
  • Free trainings, webinars, conference calls you can attend if you want to learn to be successful.
  • I’d be your mentor, so any questions or struggles you have, I’m here to help!
  • No stocking of product, or shipping products, or dealing with customer service issues.
  • No need for home parties (unless you want to, but that’s not necessary for success…I’ve never even done one!)
  • A HUGE support system from other coaches online!! You will feel like you have a whole new family!

Coach Application to Join Our Coach Family!

Thinking coaching may be a great fit for you? Please complete this application to be considered to join Dare 2 Dream. If chosen, you’ll receive an an invitation to join our coaching group and receive access to our exclusive training series which has been proven to very effective and help you reach your goals!

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